Exporting Italian know-how and expertise around the world

Posted: 5 August 2014 | Matteo Triglia, Managing Director of Italferr | No comments yet

Drawing up plans and designs, calling for tenders and performing works management, supervision and project management functions in respect of all kinds of infrastructure investments in Italy and worldwide are the major areas of operation in which Italferr, the engineering company within the FS Italiane Group, has been engaged since its inception in 1984. For Global Railway Review, Matteo Triglia – Managing Director of Italferr – explains that during these 30 years the company has been able to enhance the value of its staff’s extremely high levels of expertise, assuming responsibility for projects that have completely revolutionised the transport system in Italy, such as the construction of the HS/HC railway lines – one of the biggest and most demanding projects that the Group and Italy itself has undertaken – and the upgrade and expansion of Italy’s major urban railway hubs…

In recent years we have been exporting our know-how and the highly specialised technical experience that we have gained while working on major Italian projects, tendering for important international contracts and managing, in the space of just a few years, to be ranked among the leading engineering firms in the world. This international success has been brought about by a number of factors: expert marketing activities and a consistent presence in places that are crucial for our business (Italferr has eight offices outside Italy, in Belgrade, Bucharest, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Muscat, Doha, Algiers and Riyadh), an aggressive pricing policy and an unceasing commitment to streamline and innovate its processes, putting it in a position to offer its customers a broad spectrum of services ranging from project feasibility studies, work assignment activities and project management, through to the commissioning of railway infrastructure. A growing number of foreign customers now ask us to cooperate with them so that they can acquire our specialist know-how through the provision of complex and demanding training courses for their current and future management staff. We are currently engaged in projects in countries that include Saudi Arabia, Oman and Algeria.

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