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Sweden: The East Link Project – the first step towards a Swedish high-speed railway

Date: 22 May 2018
Time: 15:10

The number of people travelling by train has doubled in Sweden in the last 25 years resulting in an overstretched system. This has led to the construction of a high-speed rail system, achieving speeds of up to 320km/h, that will connect Sweden’s biggest cities; Stockholm-Gothenburg and Stockholm-Malmö. The East Link project is planned to begin in 2022 and will run from the city of Linköping, for 160km, to connect to the existing railway south of Stockholm. The project is estimated to cost €5.5 billion and will include five stations, 30 tunnels, and 200 bridges. The East Link project faces a number of challenges, from supplier and buyer services, to the technical challenges connected with high-speed rail alongside ambitious goals regarding ecology and social responsibility. Enabling works and design assignments will be procured over the next two years. The next stage, beginning in 2020, is to prequalify five companies/consortia for each main contract.

Followed by Q & A