Session Details

Belgium – Building the smart railway

Date: 23 May 2018
Time: 12:20

The digital revolution is happening right now in the railway industry. Infrabel is digitalising the infrastructure maintenance activities and transitioning from Assets to Smart Assets. The development of a connected ‘Intranet of Things’, combined with measuring trains, is providing a new perspective on tomorrow’s mobility.This presentation will explore the real added value of the SAP EAM backbone integrated with Geographical Information Systems, document management, CAD systems, mobile tablets, predictive models and Artificial Intelligence. The transition to Smart Assets is based on the implementation of new technologies but requires different ways of working, mobile enablement of the workforce, and the use of sensors to gather the required data to monitor and maintain the railway infrastructure. Smart Assets, and the continuous stream of data, enables a reduction in the number of malfunctions and provides a railroad network that is reliable and available at a reduced cost.