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Whitepaper: A real-time asset monitoring system for rolling stock, track and electrification infrastructure

Posted: 30 November 2018 | | No comments yet

European rail networks have historically led the way in providing reliable, fast and carbon-efficient passenger transport. By connecting people to businesses as well as providing direct employment and clean commuting options, railroads are key to developing long-term sustainable economic growth…

Over the past ten-year period, EU rail networks have seen a 10% growth in passenger traffic (17.2% in EU-15*), but there have not been comparable increases in track or unit numbers. Evidence suggests that rises in population, mobility and urbanisation will continue to generate demand for faster, seamless and more frequent runs. Especially in areas where rail networks are already near capacity, holistic asset management is becoming more and more important to maintain network reliability and safety. Even small failures can delay not only one train, but an entire network. Leading networks are recognising that harnessing asset data is central to understanding operational trade-offs when balancing capacity, cost and risk.

The purpose of this document is to outline the benefits of implementing OSIsoft technologies to construct a data infrastructure that has the scale and connectivity to provide continuous, real-time visibility that spans electrification, signalling, track and rolling stock assets. Embedding a scalable, end-to-end data platform removes information silos to create deep, integrated situational awareness and promote collaborative working environments.

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