About Digital Rail Revolution

Many are saying that we are currently in the next Industrial Revolution, whereby the technology created during the previous insurgency is currently being built upon and utilised to its fullest capacity. The rail sector is integral to all industrial progression and continues to push the boundaries of digitisation and technology.

With railroads set to spend $12 billion on capital investments over the next year, the comparatively modest investment in innovation and technology can offer improvements in service quality, reduce expenses and increase profitability. 

Strategically using math and data analytics could help operators manage their rail networks more efficiently and reduce rolling stock and linear infrastructure downtime without adding costlier physical infrastructure.

As demand for freight rail services increases – by current estimates it’s expected to surge 88% by 2035 – the industry must prioritise investment in both physical and digital infrastructure to support future growth, whilst keeping an eye on maintaining rail networks and increasing revenues.

Global Railway Review’s Digital Rail Revolution conference will explore the ways in which the rail and public transport sectors continue to explore the potentials of technology and how it will continue to be at the forefront of this new digitalised revolution.

This year’s topics can be seen here.