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Keynote panel discussion: Better, faster, more connected and personal: The future of rail in the transport eco-system

Date: 7 November 2019
Time: 10:00

  • Transportation, like other technologies, influences societal change.
  • Vice-versa. Society‚Äôs preferences for transportation are changing. We are busy; always on the go, rushing from a to b. Some of us are based in rural towns, some in the city.
  • We are concerned, more than ever, about the environmental impacts our choices make. We have embraced intuitive technology in mobile devices, immersed in a world where information is constantly at our finger tips.
  • We can source services and goods and pay for them on the move. Delays are not acceptable. We expect industry to keep pace.
  • How will transportation continue to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of users into the future? What is the future for rail?


Christian Schang

Main Projects Director, Member of the Board of the Network Owner Division, SNCF Reseau

Bertrand Minary

Director Innovation & Digital Freight, Chief Innovation & Digital Officer Freight, Rail Freight & Intermodal Division, Logistics, SNCF

Keir Fitch

Head of Unit, Rail Safety and Interoperability, European Commission

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