RSSB affiliation: the rail industry’s collective expertise at your fingertips

Any organisation connected with the complex, fast-changing environment of rail can always do with help to keep up with latest developments, and tools to work more efficiently. That’s why more and more are becoming affiliates of the Rail Safety & Standards Board (RSSB), the independent, not‑for‑profit body that works for a better, safer railway for GB rail.

train driver

RSSB has been providing everything from training and consultancy to research and data to organisations since launching its affiliate programme in 2018. Affiliates can be organisations like international railways or government agencies, or those that work alongside the industry. As affiliates, they can tap into the industry’s collective expertise on diverse topics including mental health and fatigue, risk and carbon footprint, and learning from safety incidents. They can also access RSSB’s tools and resources that help anticipate the future of rail, lift performance and make better decisions.