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Britain’s commute and its lack of connectivity

16 February 2018 | By

Transport connections increase the number of accessible jobs, reduce time spent on unproductive commutes and link different regions of the country; ultimately building a stronger and more inclusive economy. However, Britain’s transport infrastructure is falling behind the rest of the world, discusses Nick Chrissos, European Director of Innovation at Cisco…

Temporary Capacity Restrictions (TCRs): A web-based tool to enhance the quality of international timetabling

9 February 2018 | By

‘Temporary Capacity Restriction’ (TCR) is an umbrella term commonly used in the railway sector. It denotes the various types of construction works and events which lead to a reduction in infrastructure capacity and therefore are a main disruptive factor in timetabling. Philipp Koiser, RNE’s Sales and Timetabling Manager, discusses the…

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