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Back to the future – learning lessons from our rail’s past

19 February 2018 | By

The UK Transport Secretary’s recent comments on the potential use of hydrogen powered trains on the UK rail network is interesting given some of the historical parallels on the Great Western franchise. Gordon Buchan, Director of Transport Planning, WYG, believes the railway’s past can offer advice for today’s implementation of…

Britain’s commute and its lack of connectivity

16 February 2018 | By

Transport connections increase the number of accessible jobs, reduce time spent on unproductive commutes and link different regions of the country; ultimately building a stronger and more inclusive economy. However, Britain’s transport infrastructure is falling behind the rest of the world, discusses Nick Chrissos, European Director of Innovation at Cisco…

Could a ban on glyphosate negatively affect Europe’s railways?

15 February 2018 | By

Weeds that become overgrown can cause major headaches to those working across Europe’s railway network. Farm insurance providers Lycetts explain that those left unchecked can significantly restrict track visibility, track access for workers and may even render a line impassable in severe cases.

Safety In-Depth Focus 2018

14 February 2018 | By

Whether it’s the safety of passengers, rail employees and track workers, or making sure freight is safely transported by tracks, rail safety is paramount. This In-Depth Focus explores South Africa’s approach to rail safety and covers the DYNAFREIGHT project which assesses the challenges in safely operating long freight trains in…

Measuring the vibration-isolating effect of an elastic railway superstructure in Poland

13 February 2018 | By , ,

The Railway Institute at Wrocław University of Science and Technology has convincingly demonstrated the value of the cost-effective type SLS1308G under sleeper pads used on the Kraków Airport rail link in Poland. Here, Ewelina Kwiatkowska, Adjunct Professor at Wrocław University of Technology, together with Getzner Werkstoff colleagues Harald Loy (Head…

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