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Train data: How do we share its benefits?

11 September 2018 | By ,

The UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) recently published its ‘Joint Rail Data Action Plan’ setting out a number of objectives and associated timescales, which an industry-led taskforce will work towards in order to improve the quality and openness of rail data. The plan focuses on train operating companies and other…

The use of smart rolling stock at SNCF Mobilités

10 September 2018 | By

Ahead of Digital Rail Revolution’s upcoming webinar, Digital Rail Revolution: The top five trends in rail digitalisation, we speak to one of the conference’s speakers, Philippe de Laharpe, Project Chief for Telediagnostics, SCNF Mobilités, about the benefits the French operator is experiencing following the digitalisation of its rolling stock.

Heavy-haul in China: Investigating durable elasticity for superstructure

7 September 2018 | By , ,

Ballast is the weakest link in rail superstructure. However, by mounting Under Sleeper Pads (USPs), ballast tamping requirements can be reduced and the availability of the track can be significantly increased. Here, Getzner colleagues, Dong Huiding, Ferdinand Pospischil and Harald Loy compare elastic and non-elastic track components, with details of…

Optimising Reliability In-Depth Focus 2018

6 September 2018 | By

Running a safe, efficient and reliable rail service is the ultimate goal for all passenger and freight operators. But to succeed, the industry must adopt a variety of different tactics. This section explores how to utilise digital trends to monitor train and infrastructure components and how best to deploy methods…

InnoTrans 2018 Event Preview

6 September 2018 | By

Global Railway Review’s coverage of InnoTrans 2018 begins right here. Read on to find out what the trade fair has is in store for attendees this year between 18-21 September, and discover what products and showcases will be on display.

Infrastructure Maintenance In-Depth Focus 2018

5 September 2018 | By

Maintaining railway infrastructure can be complicated to organise, expensive and demanding. Fortunately, there are several modern and sophisticated techniques available for the industry to ensure our networks are maintained to the highest standards, allowing our railways to operate safely and efficiently. Read on to find out more…