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Rail Webinars

A data-driven approach to reliability-centred maintenance


Watch this on-demand webinar with KONUX that explored a practical example of how some of Europe’s leading rail infrastructure managers are utilising data and machine learning in order to adapt reliability-centred maintenance.

Setting standards in railway technologies and supporting continuous developments

ON-DEMAND By DuPont Nomex

Watch DuPont Nomex FREE on-demand webinar. As they discuss their journey through time and learn how insulation technology helped evolve the railway industry for the past 40 years. Find out how the different Nomex solutions and applications played a key role in the development and advancement of high-speed trains. And finally, learn…

Bringing a new dimension to your public transportation network

ON-DEMAND By Hexagon

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Hexagon can help public transportation organisations to overcome these challenges and efficiently manage their data, workflows, and transit networks. By combining all asset and spatial data into an integrated transport network information system and common operational picture, organisations can avoid data duplication and…

Addressing the cyber-security risks for rail

ON-DEMAND By Waterfall Security Solutions

Watch this free webinar to hear from rail industry experts about how the rail sector is reacting to challenges around cyber-security, and how advances in digital solutions and innovative technology can deliver robust cyber-security measures.