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When it comes to environmentally-friendly travel, rail wins by far. Trains contribute to far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than other forms of transportation. But the rail industry is still under pressure to reduce its carbon footprint further to meet governmental mobility climate change targets.

How are rail organisations working to be more sustainable and what projects and developments are in the spotlight helping the industry meet targets?


How digital twins drive better outcomes in rail

29 September 2023 | By

Discover how rail and transit organisations across the world are leveraging digital twins to work smarter, not harder, to help increase efficiency, improve reliability, mitigate risk and optimise costs.


How the UAE National Rail Network aims to protect biodiversity

26 September 2023 | By

Rail is considered to be one of the world’s most ubiquitous forms of transportation, due its high levels of reliability and efficiency. With touchpoints across virtually every industry, rail transports goods – both consumer and industrial – between regions and across borders, and many will use a train for transportation…