Issue 4 In-Depth Focus: Protecting Railway Assets

As the rail industry becomes more digitalised by the day, Global Railway Review speaks to industry experts about how these new-age assets must be protected.

IDF Protecting Railway Assets
  • Riding the digital rails: safeguarding the future of railway transportation 
    Jakub Tomczak explains that for the majority of its history, the railway sector was a closed industry that slowly embraced new technologies. In terms of its previous operation, a key focus in both legislative and executive levels was on safety requirements, defined by EU regulations as the freedom from unacceptable risk of harm.
  • From steam to clouds: unpacking the five waves of technological and cyber-security advancements in railways 
    Dimitri Zantvliet, Cyber-security Director and CISO of Dutch Railways (NS) describes how spanning two centuries, the railway industry has embarked on an impressive journey of technological evolution, powered by an unwavering dedication to enhancing safety, efficiency and reliability. This evolution has manifested itself through distinct waves of innovation, starting from the age of mechanical and electromechanical systems and progressing to the era of comprehensive digital networks that constitute the backbone of modern railway infrastructure.