In-Depth Focus: Leveraging Digital Twins

This In-depth Focus feature delves into the concept of the digital twin which has considerably increased relevance in the realm of railway operations today. Railways worldwide are embracing digital twin technology, creating a virtual representation of their assets, such as tracks, trains, and signalling systems, to optimise operations and enhance safety.

IDF: Leveraging Digital Twins

This feature, as part of Global Railway Review’s first issue of 2024, looks into the various uses and possibilities within Digital Twin technology for the rail sector.

This In-Depth Focus includes:

  • Award Winning Digital Twins: GRR Editor Elizabeth Jordan spoke to consulting and project company, Italferr, at Bentley Systems’ Year In Infrastructure awards in Singapore last year, to discover how their use of digital twin technology became award-winning.
  • Researchers use digital twins for cutting edge railway switch design: experts from the University of Birmingham, U.K., are working on Repoint, a new cutting-edge railway switch (points) technology to improve upon the traditional design, which has been in use for over 200 years.
  • Railway renaissance: Navigating metaverses and crafting autonomous twins: Diego Galar, David López and Uday Kumar, Sisteplant & Lulea University of Technology, look at the evolution of the use of digital twins within rail and how rail might transform in the future.