Roundtable: Alternative Fuels

As the rail industry strives to achieve net zero and promote its reputation as the greenest form of public transport, while approaching new ideas to reduce emissions in freight, Global Railway Review asks some industry experts for their outlook on alternative fuels.

Roundtable: Alternative Fuels

This Roundtable feature was moderated by Global Railway Review Editor, Elizabeth Jordan.


Jochen Steinbauer, Platform Director H2 Technologies for Regional Trains at Siemens Mobility

Jarrett Davis, Alternative and emerging fuels lead at HDR

Marcin Taraszkiewicz, Rail and transit vehicle technology lead at HDR

“Europe leads the way in alternate propulsion for rail applications. Several operators in the UK and elsewhere have deployed, or are about to deploy, dual mode trains that use overhead catenary power where it is available and rely on battery power on sections where catenary is not available. Other operators have deployed hydrogen-powered trains in passenger service. Some long-distance passenger and freight service providers have started to operate their diesel fleets using biodiesel. Outside of Europe there is a lot of interest in decarbonising rail as well. Operators in Australia and Asia are all currently either already piloting alternative fuel equipment with the intent to go into full revenue service, or are planning to do so within the next five to seven years”, Marcin Taraszkiewicz.