In-Depth Focus: Bogies & Wheelsets

As technologies around predictive maintenance and data-gathering continue to improve, the cruciality of caring for wheelsets and bogies becomes ever clearer. Our expert authors explain why, how and what these advancements mean for rail.

GRR Issue 2 2024 - IDFs - Bogies & Wheelsets

This feature, as part of Global Railway Review’s second issue of 2024, deep dives into the importance of design and predictive maintenance for rail bogies and wheelsets.

This In-Depth Focus includes:

Leveraging open telemetry and AI for predicting and optimising wheel life and performance for railroads
Subhadip Kumar, Canadian Pacific Kansas City, writes a report into the new uses for modern technology in predictive maintenance.

Managing wheelset life
Keith Mack, Chair of UK Wheelset Management Group, speaks about the cycle of wheelset life and how engineers and operators might maximise it.

Protect the Bogie: a key role in the railway system
Romain Hiron, Head of the Mechanical Department in the laboratory of RATP, explores modern day approaches to bogie performance and predictive maintenance.