In-Depth Focus: Protecting Railway Assets

As rail infrastructure continues to age, weather impact and predictive maintenance increase in importance as the industry embraces new technologies and methods to protect railway assets.

GRR Issue 2 2024 - IDF - Protecting Railway Assets

In this In-Depth Focus, Global Railway Review speaks to railway asset management specialists after attending the Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Summit, earlier this year. With the help of Network Rail, we also look at the impact of adverse weather on rail infrastructure in the UK and how the industry could learn from the tragedies of the past. 

“This summit (RIAMS) is very interesting, we’ve had the opportunity to see how infrastructure managers proof their assets, the strategies that they are improving and what suppliers are offering on the market. It’s also interesting looking into the trends that are becoming a reality in our railway’s infrastructure in the next few years.   

The one big challenge seems to be that technology goes very, very fast, but the rules and regulation and the coordination between countries goes very, very slowly. So, we have to manage this big difference.”- Marco Corradini, SBB.