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Market leadership in the automation of intermodal terminal and rail freight operations.  Camco Technologies is the market leader in AI image analysis-based solutions for the automated and real-time registration of container, semi-trainer and rail wagons. The Camco Technology portfolio includes OCR camera portals for truck and cargo registration at the terminal in and out gates, kiosks for terminal access authorization as well as crane OCR solutions for checking every container or trailer move in the yard or during rail operations. High quality cameras with embedded image analysis software register wagon and container markings in real time, making the data available for processing in seconds. All pictures can be logged and used for condition recording and efficient claims management.

For intermodal and rail terminals, the Camco OCR Rail portal provides automated inventory of incoming or outgoing trains matching each rail wagon number with its payload data (container number, semi-trailer ILU number and yellow plate).  The data is essential in the roadmap to digital transformation. The automated inventory of complete trains will help intermodal terminals processing trains much faster, improving train turnaround and increase terminal capacity.  For railway companies, our automated shoe brake wear and tear detection camera system helps improving preventive maintenance management, increasing rail freight safety.

The Camco track record includes more than 250 references in container terminal and intermodal terminal automation. Visit our website: or get in contact with our sales department: [email protected]