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For fifty years, Ineco has been working to improve people’s mobility through the development of safe and sustainable transport infrastructure.  Our integrated, innovative, high-tech solutions have made us world leaders in the industry, executing projects in more than fifty countries. We have a team of 3,000 highly specialised professionals to respond to all types of transport challenges framed in our different markets: railways, airports, air navigation, architecture, roads, mobility, urban development, ports, sustainability and digitalisation. 

Ineco offers comprehensive solutions in all phases of a project, from preliminary feasibility studies to commissioning, including making improvements to management, operation and maintenance processes. Its high level of technical capability allows Ineco to bring the most advanced and innovative developments, both for the public and the private sector, anywhere in the world.

In terms of the railways sector, Ineco plays an active role in the development of the Spanish national high-speed rail network. We have been present in all stages of the projects, in addition to being involved in the renovation and expansion of the long-distance and intercity network, the implementation of metropolitan lines, local train, trams, light rail, new passenger stations, hubs in metropolitan areas, freight terminals, rail-port links and dry docks, along with additional pieces of infrastructure. This experience has given Ineco the chance to work on five continents and to position itself as a leading company abroad. Among its international projects, worthy of mention are the high-speed rail link between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia; the first high-speed link in the Middle East (Turkey) which joins Istanbul to Ankara; high speed in the UK HS2; high-speed line connecting New Delhi to Kolkata; high speed line El Cairo – Luxor in Egypt; the modernisation of the Samsun-Kalin rail line in Turkey; the suburban Buenavista-Cuautitlán rail link in Mexico City; the CPTM lines in São Paulo; monitoring of the production and implementation of rolling stock in Spain and Latin America; coordination and oversight of the deployment of the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) in new rail corridors that traverse the Member States of the European Union.

Ineco is committed to technological innovation as a driving force behind improving efficiency in the provision of its products and services and the creation of new solutions to meet the new needs of the market. It carries out projects related to both track superstructure and infrastructure and facilities, as well as rolling stock, covering all phases of the life of the solution from planning and design to operation and maintenance, also taking in the construction phase in the case of infrastructures. Ineco carries out internal (self-financed) and collaborative projects co-funded by national and European bodies through large R&D programmes.

Internal projects arise from the identification of customer needs and the necessity to improve efficiency in the provision of our services. Highlights: smart stations, machine learning, BIM, ERSAT GGC (Horizon 2020 programme project that continues on the line of research that involves the application of satellite positioning technologies to rail transport) and VITE (VIrtualisation of the Testing Environment).