Skandal Technologies

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Company Description

Skandal Technologies are the developers of POET, a complete ambient communication platform integrating lighting, sensors, data harvesting, real-time content generation and cloud based content management and monitoring.

Ambient communication is a hybrid form of spatial interaction that is simultaneously digital and physical, made possible with technology and concepts rooted in human biology. It is used for dynamic wayfinding, real-time spatial modifications and experiential architecture. Humans have considerable ability to process non-linguistic contextual environmental information. This directly affects subconscious feeling and perception, without the need to activate cognitive thought processes. By introducing meaningful digital feeds to our built environments through ambient communication, we enhance and extend our conscious and subconscious awareness of what is going on around us.

Skandal has development bases in Helsinki and Madrid, and brings together a global team of innovators, each of whom has pioneered important elements of the new practice of Ambient Communication. We are a multi-disciplinary team of creators, engineers, software developers and operations specialists united by our experience in delivering narrative environments and using new technology to shape human experience.

Company Information

Year of foundation: 2016

Number of employees: 5

Annual turnover:  €750K

Investor Information

Skandal Technologies is supported by Business Finland the most important public funding agency in Finland, directed by the Finnish Ministry of Economy and has been invested in by Mundi Ventures a Madrid based B2B tech venture fund

Areas of Interest

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Improving passenger experience
  • Passenger counting/control
  • Wayfinding