Alignment of personal safety around point machines

Read this whitepaper to learn more about a heavy-duty and extreme environment solution to integrate safety devices on point machines using proven and new technology.

SERV Trayvou

Europe rail’s network is the most electrified network in the world. The first electrified network was born in the UK in 1889, followed by on the European continent in the early 20th century. Countries such as Switzerland are 100 per cent electrified, with others such Luxembourg reaching 95.3 per cent of the rail network being electrified.

Very early in the 1980s, high-speed rail developed with the first “TGV” line between Paris & Lyon. Trip durations are getting shorter and shorter – for example the Paris-Lyon-Marseilles shortened by an hour reaching over 240km/h.

Nowadays, European countries are putting investing a lot to ensure electrification progress and to grow high-speed networks. This is to enable a more sustainable and greener future; yet the faster the lines become, the more dangerous it is not only for the public but also for trackside personnel who are the front-line people accessing the tracks for intervention.

While trapped key interlocking has been widely used and approved across many industries, we have a developed simple interlock solution to avoid trackside personnel injuries or accidents.

Read more on how to apply this simple process on rail point machine by downloading the whitepaper from Serv Trayvou & CASTELL.