Keep your workers safe within traction substation

Read this whitepaper to learn more about how to apply smart interlocking in substations.

The demand for rail electrification infrastructure is largely increasing. This is not only to support the transport of passenger and freight – whether it is mass transport, light-rail, high-speed or intercities – but also to follow the directive for cleaner and green energy.

This implies modernisation of rail system based on diesel, construction of OCS or third-rail system, the transport of the energy and its conversion so it can be used by the rail network through traction and rectification substations.

As a group, Sentric contributes to this change. While trapped key interlocking has been widely used and approved across many industries, we continue to provide services and interlock solution to protect personnel.

Serv Trayvou asset 4

High voltage power transformer substation

Read more by downloading this whitepaper.