A smarter edge: Bringing more capable compute to railway digitalisation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) stands at the heart of modern and next-generation railway applications. Edge and embedded systems manufacturer ADLINK teamed with Intel to address the bottlenecks in conventional railway systems and enable a new, AI-ready, highly rugged set of solutions. Here, Christian Marez, Senior Business Development Manager for Transportation and Defense at ADLINK, explains more.

A smarter edge: Bringing more capable compute to railway digitalisation

The world needs intelligent, highly efficient railway systems more than ever. Rising global population and ongoing urbanisation1 continue to pressure dense population areas, and supply chain congestion, already mounting before COVID-19, shows signs of continuing well into 20232. Rail transportation can make a profound difference in improving lives, industry, and even the environment3 worldwide, but addressing tomorrow’s needs requires better technology and systems efficiency than what sufficed in the past.

Throwing more compute and storage capacity at the problem isn’t enough. AI can help railways optimise traffic and eliminate waste with unprecedented speed and insight. Digitalisation combined with AI technologies can improve data treatment, provide almost real-time assessment of customer experience changes, harden security, enhance resource management, and increase bottom-line profitability. However, enabling AI within railway edge networks requires a new class of computing system built for such tasks.

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