Global Railway Review Issue 2 2024

Spring has, apparently, sprung and we welcome our second issue of Global Railway Review to 2024! The last couple of months has felt like the industry is beginning to warm-up, a build-up of energy and anticipation for what the rest of the year might hold. At the end of March, Emily and I were lucky enough to attend the RIA Innovation Conference in Wales, where we met more amazing individuals and heard some fantastic keynotes from speakers not just in our industry but from Highways UK, Uber and more!

GRR Issue 2 2024 - Feature 750 x 500

In this issue of Global Railway Review, you’ll find a fantastic update from Matej Zakonjšek, Director, Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community in our Industry Expert Opinion pages; our Regional Profile looking at the latest developments of rail in the Middle East; an exclusive Infrastructure feature with pieces by Oana Crisan, civil design engineering solutions expert and Simon Fletcher, Independent Rail Expert and supporter of GCRE.

The Summer Issue of Global Railway Review also includes:

In Depth Focus: Bogies & Wheelsets

Leveraging open telemetry and AI for predicting and optimising wheel life and performance for railroads
Subhadip Kumar, Independent Railroad Researcher

Managing wheelset life
Keith Mack, Chair of UK Wheelset Management Group

Protect the Bogie: a key role in the railway system
Romain Hiron, Head of the Mechanical Department in the laboratory of RATP

In-Depth Focus: Protecting Railway Assets

In this In-Depth Focus, Global Railway Review speaks to railway asset management specialists after attending the Rail Infrastructure Asset Management Summit, earlier this year. With the help of Network Rail, we also look at the impact of adverse weather on rail infrastructure in the UK and how the industry could learn from the tragedies of the past. 

Training & New Talent Roundtable Feature

This issue’s Roundtable Feature includes moderator Professor Richard Jones, Strategic Development Partner, BCRRE, University of Birmingham, asking a selection of industry experts with varying roles in the rail industry, individually tailored questions about their experiences within rail, their thoughts on training within the industry and their ideas for improvement. 

Panellists include: Nasir Khan MBE, Principle at HKA Construction, Chair (Liability Panel) of the Construction Industry Council; Rob Forde, Director of Strategy and Skills at GCRE; Nina Lockwood, CEO of Intuitive Talent Solutions; Neil Robertson, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR); Dr Holly Foss, Senior Lecturer in Railway Systems Education & Director of Education at Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education


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