Global Railway Review’s Track Insight: Decarbonisation

This Track Insight Report delves into the latest advancements of thinking and technology in the rail industry to achieve decarbonisation.

Global Railway Review - Track Insight - DecarbonisationRail is currently the most carbon efficient means of transport and one of the most likely means for governments to hit their net-zero and emissions targets across the world. But there is still space for advancing the technology behind decarbonisation in rail.

The rail industry stands on the cusp of a pivotal transformation, driven by the urgent need for sustainability in the face of global environmental challenges.

This Track Insight features:

  • In-depth analysis reports which explore the evolution of the rail sector from its inception through to its future prospects, underlining its potential as a leader in the green revolution
  • The carbon-cutting technologies in the latest trains to hit the tracks in America
  • The critical role of Freight in the ability for the global rail industry to meet net zero targets
  • The potential behind electric and zero-emission trains around the world
  • Potential solutions for decarbonizing regional rail transport in the Netherlands

Will rail ever completely eliminate carbon emissions? Global Railway Review spoke to industry experts from around the world about decarbonisation in the rail industry and how it might be achieved.

Discover research, news, expert opinions and forecasts from:

  • Sven Schirmer, Corporate Procurement Coordinator at ÖBB-Holding AG
  • Freightliner
  • Amtrak
  • IDTechEx
  • Arriva Nederland and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

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