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Durable. Breathable. Comfortable. The Lowest Carbon High Performance Leather

Our lowest carbon leather is natural, beautiful and luxurious but also delivers much-needed durability, exceptional technical performance with flame resistance, lightweight, easy cleaning, low maintenance and even antiviral properties. Muirhead meets the rail sectors increasing demands for comfort, hygiene and sustainability. And its exceptionally long service life and hard-wearing quality can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership. And while we provide a market-leading warranty, most of our customers find their leather lives on even beyond that.

Industry leaders

Our investment in in-house flammability testing means we can support rail seat manufacturers to certify a full seat with leather upholstery, whether it is for new build, refurbishment or upgrades.
Our in-house testing laboratory is UKAS accredited to carry out FAA 25.853, Vertical Burn and ABD0031 Smoke Density and Toxicity testing (BSI ISO 17025:2005). It enables us to test full seat constructions to EN45545-2 and EN16989. Supplying most European seat makers and vehicle manufacturers, Muirhead enjoys repeat specifications from operators and designers across all passenger transport modes.

Comfort that lasts

Many of our leathers are specially engineered to meet the greater abrasion, flex and colour fastness, rubbing in wet and dry conditions, and increased perspiration demands of passenger transport. No synthetic seat covering can match the natural breathability of leather, delivering ultimate passenger comfort by absorbing heat and moisture. And it dissipates weight without delaminating over time.

Always innovating

We are at the forefront of developing new and innovative solutions to advance the performance of our lowest carbon leathers. Our lightweight, full substance leather offers significant weight savings to electric vehicle operators. And our Active Hygiene leather reduces viruses (including SARS-CoV-2) by over 99% within two hours on the material. (ISO 18184:2109)

Lowering carbon

We make the world’s lowest carbon leather, source hides locally from sustainably managed grass-fed farms, recycle our water, and repurpose end-of-life leather and process waste as fuel for our unique thermal energy plant. Our rigorous Life Cycle Analysis is independently verified.