Achieving UK Rail Decarbonisation

Achieving UK Rail Decarbonisation


10 September 2020    
All Day

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Practical strategies to deliver sustainable infrastructure, alternative energy sources and greener rolling stock to reach the 2050 net zero targets

In the light of the climate crisis and the target for decarbonisation of the UK rail network by 2040, this event will provide you with the most up to date plans and timelines for getting to net zero in the rail sector. This virtual conference will provide you with the methods and strategies that are helping to make this target become a reality, including the latest electrification plans, finding carbon-free alternatives for freight and the approaches to new infrastructure by major projects.

Why should I attend?

Attend this online event as rail leaders address and explore the much-needed fleet and infrastructure decarbonisation plans to keep on track with the government’s 2040 deadline for the removal of all diesel only trains.

You will gain the latest strategic insight on successful electrification delivery in Europe and the transformative technology that is driving sustainability and the net zero achievement forward, including the hydrogen train and solar powered traction systems.