Swedish Rail Company, SJ AB, to deploy JDA software to boost revenue and customer service

Posted: 3 April 2014 | | No comments yet

JDA Demand and Price Sensitive Revenue Management solutions to help drive more accurate forecasting and improve competitive pricing strategies…

JDA® Software Group, Inc., today announced that SJ AB, Sweden’s state-owned and largest rail operator, is set to deploy the JDA® Demand and JDA® Rail Price Optimizer solutions to improve its competitive pricing strategies, increase ticket sales and grow market share.

SJ operates high-speed, regional, sleeper and intercity rail services from Narvik in the north to Copenhagen in the south, selling more than 38 million tickets annually.

Offering 1,430 train departures to more than 160 train stations servicing more than 100,000 passengers daily, SJ selected JDA Demand and JDA Rail Price Optimizer to enable more accurate forecasting, visibility and pricing across its entire organization in order to offer improved service and choice for its customers.

“We needed a smarter, more dynamic revenue management approach to not only replace our manual processes, but one that would also streamline and automate our processes to better keep up with our customers’ increased demand and changing buying behaviors,” said Maria Hoftberg, director, revenue management & pricing, SJ. “With JDA solutions, we can help ensure our fares are competitively priced to help optimize passenger capacity on certain popular routes, while continuing to provide competitive rates and improve service and choice for our customers.”

‘We are seeing a worldwide increase in the interest and adoption of pricing and revenue management solutions and are excited to help SJ integrate them into their day-to-day operations,” said Mark Morgan, regional vice president EMEA, JDA Software. “Unlike traditional revenue management approaches, which assume prices remain constant, our next-generation PRM solutions enable businesses like SJ to operate in a more dynamic pricing environment. This allows them to offer the most profitable price at any given time for any particular service while providing the broadest and most competitive pricing possible to its customers.”