Mobistar extends contract with SNCB-NMBS group for fixed and mobile telecommunications solutions for the third time

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Mobistar signs the 3rd extension of its contract with…

Mobistar signs the 3rd extension of its contract with...

Mobistar signs the third extension of its contract with the SNCB-NMBS group for a period of 2+(4×1) years. The new contract includes both fixed and mobile voice and data applications. Integrating telecommunication technology further in trains will contribute to more safety and punctuality in public transport and a better service to travellers.

Mobistar has been the SNCB-NMBS group’s telecommunications partner since 2004. After putting out a public tender, the SNCB-NMBS holding decided to extend its contract with Mobistar again for a period of 2+(4×1) years for the supply of converging telecommunication solutions.

The contract includes various telecommunications solutions:

  • 6,000 M2M SIM cards to track and trace the engine fleet. The optimisation of fleet management is generating about 1 million SMS messages a month.
  • 16,500 SIM cards to enable voice traffic between all SNCB-NMBS group staff as well as mobile data applications such as IBIS, ticketing and on-board payment services. SNCB-NMBS’ mobile equipment IBIS allows train guards to request information on train traffic via the mobile network in real-time, which means they have more accurate information.
  • A new call centre was opened for reservations and/or information with regard to international train traffic with the Thalys or Eurostar with a 070 number that uses Mobistar’s fixed-line technology.

Over the past six years, Mobistar invested in developing a network infrastructure permanently connecting the Mobistar and railways’ networks. Mobistar also developed mobility solutions for the Belgian public transport sector to ensure safety and punctuality and to ensure adequate information is communicated to travellers and staff. Mobistar is extremely satisfied that its cooperation with SNCB-NMBS continues and has committed to further investment in new applications for the public transport sector. Together with the SNCB-NMBS group, Mobistar is preparing to integrate mobile phones in SAP systems to improve the efficiency and productivity of the administrative services of the SNCB-NMBS group.