Hoeft & Wessel supplies mobile communications solution to Swiss Federal Railways

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Swiss Federal Railways have commissioned Hoeft & Wessel AG…

Swiss Federal Railways have commissioned Hoeft & Wessel AG...

The Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen − SBB) have commissioned Hoeft & Wessel AG with the development and supply of a new mobile solution for voice and data communications in the field of shunting and construction operations. Within the scope of this contract award, the Almex Division of the technology enterprise headquartered in Hanover, Germany, is to develop and supply a new system known as »LISA − Light and Integrated Shunting Accessory«. The project under the auspices of the SBB Infrastructure Division is a key component involved in converting the past analogue radio system to GSM-R, the digital radio system that has been adjusted to meet the requirements of railway services. The communications system has a total value of around CHF 9.9 million (approx. EUR 7.3 million). Development and rollout will take roughly 2.5 years to complete.

The SBB shunting and construction workers will be equipped with a total of 2,700 mobile terminals. The new communications solution also comprises the central and decentralised infrastructure for operating the devices. An extensive software package from Almex tracks and covers the complex business processes in the field of shunting and construction operations and will provide SBB with substantial optimisation potential.

The LISA system provides SBB with a secure communication system at its construction sites and shunting operations based on GSM-R digital radio. Alternatively, the devices can also be operated in the normal GSM mobile telephony network. In addition to communications, a special data terminal provides extended functions to enable the requirements of dedicated tracks or status queries with the aid of centralised systems. By means of separate voice and data communications, it is ensured that the operating unit and the data terminal can operate at the same time without any disturbances. This makes the LISA system the ideal platform for voice and data communications in the field of shunting and constuction work.

The devices meet the special requirements of this extremely challenging field of activity. They are shock-resistant, splash-proof, resistant to chemicals and can even be operated while wearing gloves.

The Almex business division of the Hoeft & Wessel Group is one of the leading providers of ticketing and telematics systems for public transport in Europe. With its newly created solution, Almex now also offers its railway customers a significantly extended portfolio of solutions in the field of logistics.