Rail track geometry and defects monitoring in real time

Stimio’s railway certified, end-to-end IoT solution allows for continuous rail track monitoring, with geometry and defects evolution over time.

Railway tracks are permanently subject to numerous constraints, which can be weather conditions (thermal amplitude depending on the season, etc.), the stability of the ground (natural movements, seismic activity, etc.) or wear and tear linked to their use (passage of trains, etc.). Playing a key role in reducing carbon gases in transport, and driven by the will and ambition of the public authorities, the railway network must also be able to manage increasing demands for capacity and availability (both for passengers and freight).

The monitoring of “track geometry”, i.e. rail deformations, is therefore a major challenge for both infrastructure managers and network operators. It is in fact a question of guaranteeing smooth running on the track, not only for passenger comfort but also – and above all – for safety reasons.

Discover Stimio‘s solution and technical detail, system architecture, etc. in the brochure available here.