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STIMIO provides remote monitoring IoT solutions for railway companies to optimise operations, enable condition-based & predictive maintenance, reduce safety risks and increase service availability.

STIMIO’s end-to-end solutions are composed of three main components:

  • The data acquisition based on railway certified and battery-powered devices endowed with AI and Edge Computing capabilities,
  • The connectivity to transmit the data over LPWAN or cellular networks,
  • The IoT platform to process the data, interface with customer IT systems, define patterns with prediction algorithms, manage the devices remotely and provide relevant insights to take actions.

Main benefits for Railway companies:

  • Operational reliability: proactive management & suppression of failures-to-come,
  • Enhanced rolling stock reliability & availability: remote inspection & “pit-stop” preparation,
  • Cost reduction: drop in duration and number of maintenance tasks & resources needed,
  • Risk management: better insight & decision-making in operational centres,
  • Quality of Services: guarantee of service, higher customer satisfaction & comfort,
  • Sustainability: extended assets lifetime, avoid unnecessary inspection field trips.

We have focused our strategy on a unique modular approach with:

  • A railway-certified generic hardware that can be quickly adapted with a wide range of sensors and a powerful SDK-based embedded software,
  • An adaptative connectivity combining Mesh and LPWAN technologies for an optimal battery lifetime,
  • A flexible IoT SaaS platform to turn data into business value while keeping the full control over the devices.

Solutions can be quickly deployed and scaled without interfering with existing systems.

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