“Sustainability as the backbone of our business”

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During his first year as CEO, Anders Lindberg has led Dellner to take significant steps towards the vision of being the number one global supplier of Train Connection Systems and Services. Now Dellner is ready to leap into the fossil-free transformation.

It’s been a busy year for Anders Lindberg getting to know Dellner’s 1,200 employees in 22 subsidiaries. What started 81 years ago as a small production company in Northern Sweden has grown to a global industry leader in the design, manufacture and service of Train Connection Systems.

“Dellner has made a remarkable journey, and I see how the innovation and pioneering spirit of the early days lives and thrives,” Anders said. “When I decided to join, I did so because I saw a company with ambitious plans for growth, a company with good products and perhaps foremost – a company with good relations to customers backed by a strong owner in EQT.”

Before joining Dellner, Anders spent the last six years as Executive Vice President and responsible for all offshore wind projects at Ørsted, a prime position from which to experience the paradigm shift in the energy sector.

“Before my work with offshore projects, I was in fact in the rail industry for two decades,” explained Anders. “I know what it is like to be a customer, as well as what it takes to be a global system supplier. Therefore, I believe that Dellner will be a part of driving transformation towards a more sustainable future. One example is how the Dellner Digital Automatic Coupler (DAC) will increase the productivity and competitiveness of rail freight transport.”

Dellner has a long tradition of working close to its customer. To innovate and grow in partnership with customers in new markets is something that will be a strong focus in the years to come. “We know local presence is important to our customers,” said Anders. “Therefore, we have established a network of 22 subsidiaries on five different continents – all with experienced service technicians and fully equipped local workshops.”

A vision with a higher goal

To be the number one global supplier of high-quality Train Connection Systems and Services is not only a goal of its own. To Anders, something more is at stake: “Countries need to make a fundamental transformation over the next years, to shift from fossil fuel to electricity in transportation, and to reduce the energy consumption per passenger km. I am convinced rail is an important part of the transformation, as it meets both these targets.

“In the years to come, Dellner can certainly maintain and develop its current position as a leading supplier, and I hope I can transfer my experience from working with sustainability in the renewable sector to make customers put their trust in Dellner. Together we will make rail the most environmentally friendly way of travelling and transporting goods, an even more viable and attractive option.”

But, building a company with a strong focus to bring new innovations to the market, to drive operational excellence in the business, is not a one man show. It is something that requires dedicated staff on all levels, something that has been a hallmark of Dellner for 81 years.

“I am motivated by seeing how our global teams are working together in the same direction,” Anders said. “It is impressive to see what can be achieved when people support each other to reach a common goal. That’s how we create real change.”

anders lindberg dellnerAnders Lindberg has been the CEO & President of the Dellner Couplers Group since March 2021. He has accomplished a MSc in Electrical Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology and an Executive MBA at Stockholm School of Economics. After studies, he developed his professional career in the rail industry for next 23 years. Before joining Dellner, Anders had been holding the position of the Executive Vice President at Ørsted and was responsible for Project Execution of all Offshore Wind projects, and the head of EPC and QHSE organisations.


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