The European Corridor – bringing cities closer together

Posted: 18 September 2014 | unnar Sibbmark, Managing Director of Europakorridoren AB | No comments yet

Europakorridoren AB1 is a company owned by approximately 50 cities in Sweden. The organisation behind the company also has members in Lübeck and Hamburg in Germany. Four cities in southern Sweden – Jönköping, Värnamo, Ljungby and Helsingborg – began the project in 1993 and since then it has grown year-on-year. The project is to build a new high-speed railway from Stockholm to Gothenburg and between Copenhagen and Hamburg. Gunnar Sibbmark, Managing Director of Europakorridoren AB, provides more details about the significance of this project and explains why more and more cities have understood its importance and have joined as project-members.

Sweden Map

Europakorridoren AB works for decisions to be made by the governments in Sweden, Denmark and Germany for a new high-speed railway from Stockholm to Gothenburg – the so-called Götalandsbanan (the Gothia line) – and the so-called Europabanan (the European line) between Copenhagen and Hamburg. It is a part of the Nordic Triangle made up of Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen – one of the TEN-projects proposed by the EU.

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