Europorte Channel gains authorisation for Class 92s to operate on HS1

Posted: 1 December 2011 | | No comments yet

Europorte Channel, has been granted approval for the use of its fleet of Class 92 locomotives on HS1…

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Europorte Channel, which provides traction services for rail freight trains through the Channel Tunnel and international haulage from Spain and Italy to the UK, has been granted approval for the use of its fleet of Class 92 locomotives on HS1 between London and the Channel Tunnel.

Access to HS1 means that Europorte Channel can haul larger gauge and higher speed freight traffic between destinations across the continent and London, through the Channel Tunnel, with the journey time from the Tunnel to London being reduced from 4 hours on traditional routes to just 70 minutes.

Europorte Channel train drivers are currently being trained to drive on the new route and it is expected that new commercial services will start early in 2012.

Europorte Channel can now use its 11 Class 92s throughout the UK network and through the Channel Tunnel, meaning that there is only one locomotive change necessary when arriving in France, where the Class 92s are still unauthorised.

John Smith, Managing Director of GB Railfreight, stated “This is very good news for the future of rail freight in the UK and internationally. The extra speed and increased size of wagons that can be carried on HS1 bring significant advantages to rail freight transportation and we hope that this move will pave the way for further expansion of rail freight through the Channel Tunnel”.