The president of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin launched Sochi – Adler – Sochi Airport Intermodal connection

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Regular passenger train service linking the airport with the centre of Sochi…

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February 15, 2012 marked the inauguration of the airport terminal and a regular passenger train service linking the airport with the centre of Sochi.

The president of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Kozak, Chairman of the Coordination Commission for Winter Olympics 2014 Jean-Claude Killy, as well as other official guests attended the official ceremony.

“Today we are launching the first railway connection in the frame of the forthcoming

Olympic Games in Sochi. Before the term “Intermodal connection” has been well known only in Moscow and now this new railway line will bring comfort for everyone in this region. All what you need is to come to the railway station in Sochi, where you check in before the flight and enjoy your 30 minutes trip to the airport in the train without any traffic jams”, said Vladimir Yakunin.

The launch of intermodal rail connection in Sochi is the first regional project, built on modern rail transportation technologies, that has consolidated considerable experience of offering intermodal services in Moscow.

The new 2.8 km long railroad connecting Adler with the airport runs through a dense urban development area and crosses a hill. The imperfections of the land surface demanded the construction of 2 tunnels (164 m and 368m), 3 overpasses (750 m in total) and a bridge over the Bolshaya Khirota river (44 m).

A modern railway passenger terminal constructed in the airport. It provides perfect audio-visual conditions for obtaining information about train timetables, location of traveller lounges and evacuation guidelines. Tactile signs on pavements, platforms, barristers and elevator buttons were provided for the benefit short-sighted people.

The railroad line will carry 60% of all air passengers of the Sochi airport, which is over 86,000 people a day.

During the time of preparation for the Olympics 2014 and active construction of sports and tourist facilities, the launch of aeroexpress trains in Sochi will considerably ease the traffic on highways and help those travelling by air avoid traffic jams.

Transportation of passengers on this route will be operated by the Aeroexpress company.

The trains circulation concept was designed with due consideration of peculiarities of Sochi’s infrastructure, as well as the needs of the citizens of the city and guests of the future Olympic centre.

The journey from Sochi to Adler by an Aeroexpress commuter train takes 40 minutes, and from Adler to Sochi airport – 10 minutes. The entire journey will take 50 minutes.

The ED4M trains launched between the centre of Sochi and the airport were designed by the Demikhovsky Engineering Plant (a part of CJSC Transmashholding) specifically for intermodal transportation taking into account the highland relief of the area.

For passengers’ convenience the cars are equipped with ergonomic chairs, toilets, air conditioning systems and tinted windows. The trains are produced of three types: business, standard and commuter. In-train cameras and public address system ensure passengers’ safety.

New comfortable trains of Desiro (Swallow) type will appear in 2014.

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