Transportation Technology Center, Inc now known as MxV Rail

MxV Rail chose the new name to reflect the formula of momentum, evoking the company’s dedication to moving the rail industry forward.

TTCI new name

Credit: TTCI

Transportation Technology Center, Inc (TTCI), the team that have been counted on for decades to lead the industry in research, testing and training, has announced that they will now be known as MxV Rail.

MxV Rail is a team of more than 300 employees, including 110 mechanical, civil, industrial, and electrical engineers and metallurgists advancing the scientific research of railroads with objective intelligence and thoughtful diligence. In service to the rail industry, MxV Rail provides a unique testing environment focused on improving rail safety, reliability and efficiency backed by a level of specialty knowledge and experience not easily duplicated.

MxV Rail will continue its critical work at the Transportation Technology Center until the opening of its new facilities in Pueblo, Colorado. The new MxV Rail campus is designed to meet the evolving needs of the rail industry and the company’s diverse client base. New facilities and operations will enhance industry research and testing operations, as well as provide a proving ground for advanced technology focused on improving freight railroad safety, reliability, and efficiency.

“Our new name, MxV Rail is based on the formula for momentum, mass x velocity, evoking our dedication to creating the momentum needed to move our industry forward,” Kari Gonzales, President and CEO of MxV Rail, said. “Our experts are guided by the principles of rigor, innovation, collaboration and real-world applicability that are key to helping solve the industry’s most pressing challenges, immediate and long-term.”

Located on the expansive PuebloPlex facility in Pueblo County, MxV Rail’s new location will serve as the epicentre for its research, testing and training services. The first phase of construction is underway, and the schedule through completion will ensure service continuity. The new location also offers expansion opportunities to meet evolving industry and research needs. The site will feature a high tonnage loop for accelerated service testing, curve negotiation loops, as well as additional track infrastructure necessary to support AAR certification testing. Relocating operations to PuebloPlex allows MxV to continue serving the industry in an environment that protects confidentiality, integrity of research and clients’ interests.