JSC «Russian Railways» and CJSC Sinara Group signed an agreement on production and delivery of mainline gas-turbine locomotives GT1h

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Agreement signed for GT1h…

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Today in Saint-Petersburg within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum JSC «Russian Railways» and CJSC Sinara Group signed the agreement on production and development of natural gas powered mainline gas-turbine locomotives GT1h.

The said document was signed by the president of JSC «Russian Railways» Vladimir Yakunin and the president of CJSC Sinara Group Dmitry Pumpyansky.

This agreement stipulates organizing of production and operation in Russia of energy-saving mainline gas-turbine locomotives of a new generation GT1h for the period till 2020 inclusively – 40 items on the condition of the infrastructure’s readiness to provide the locomotives with liquefied natural gas.

The production of GT1h will be organized by CJSC Sinara Group at the Lyudinovsky Locomotive Works.

According to the said agreement, a contract on delivery of the prototype of this locomotive shall be concluded before 1 August 2012. If technical and economic parameters of the said gas-turbine locomotive declared in the approved technical specification will be confirmed in operation, JSC «Russian Railways» plans till 1 January 2014 to sign a contract on delivery of 39 more locomotives for the period till 2020 inclusively.

The price for locomotives will be set with consideration for the calculated life cycle cost.

Financing of the project of design drafting for the said locomotive is expected to be carried out at the expense of JSC «Russian Railways».

According to the technical specification of JSC «Russian Railways», the gas-turbine locomotive has to embrace in its design modern energy-saving technical solutions and to comply with Russian and international quality requirements and safety standards. It also has to ensure competitive and high-quality transport services, which will meet agreed demand in transportation, upon condition of minimal environmental impact, and to provide comfortable working conditions for locomotive crew and maintenance personnel.

Certification of locomotives in the Register of Certification for the railway transport will be carried out by CJSC Sinara Group together with JSC VNIIKTI.

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