Invensys Rail S60 barrier machine receives generic approval from Network Rail

Posted: 16 July 2012 | | No comments yet

Invensys Rail’s S60 barrier machine has received a Certificate of Acceptance…

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Invensys Rail’s S60 barrier machine, part of the company’s WESTeX range of level crossing solutions, has received a Certificate of Acceptance from Network Rail (certificate number PA05/03568, dated 8 June 2012).

The S60 machine is a lightweight electro-mechanical product rather than a traditional hydraulic system, making it far simpler to operate and maintain. Post-mounted and available in a number of configurations, the machine uses less power than conventional systems so reducing cable size and battery capacity. It may also be used with a screw-pile foundation or concrete, offering the potential for both installation time and cost savings.

The Certificate of Acceptance covers the S60 barrier machine for use at all types of automatic half barrier (AHB) and manually controlled barrier (MCB) level crossings, including those that incorporate CCTV and object detection technology.

Invensys Rail is currently installing 16 S60 machines at MCB level crossings as part of the Crewe to Shrewsbury Modular Signalling project; in line with the company’s modular ethos, the S60 machines have been built and tested off-site at Invensys Rail’s testing facility at Chippenham, prior to being delivered for installation and commissioning.

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