Alstom to deliver ERTMS-based train control solution to Banedanmark

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Alstom has recently signed a contract with Banedanmark…

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Alstom has recently signed a contract with Banedanmark – the Danish railway infrastructure owner – to deliver on-board equipment to railway operators in Denmark and equip 503 of their trains with Atlas ERTMS1 signalling solution. This contract worth €61 million is part of a framework agreement signed between Alstom and Banedanmark on March 14th, 2012. The former contract worth €140 million featured the deployment of Atlas on up to 789 trains operated by 41 operators on the Fjernbane Danish Network2.

Atlas will enable Banedanmark as well as Danish operators, to increase their operational performances, improve traffic flow and optimize trains frequencies. ERTMS is a system for the management and control of the rail traffic on the lines of the Trans-European Networks. The ETCS3, one of the components of the ERTMS, is designed to enable trains to quickly cross borders, ensuring the safety of rail traffic.

“Alstom is pleased to partner with Banedanmark and enable Danish operators to increase the fluidity and efficiency of their trains thanks to its latest train control technology” said Christian Algreen-Ussing, Alstom Denmark and Norway Representative and Customer Director.

It will take about eight years to develop and deploy the Atlas solution on Danish railways, with two years dedicated on its design. During this phase, Alstom and Banedanmark teams will jointly work in Copenhagen (Denmark) in cooperation with Alstom’s teams based in the site of Charleroi (Belgium).

“This contract will be a milestone for train operation in Denmark as the whole country will be operating with On-Board equipment at baseline level. I see this as a step into more a safe and efficient future for train operation”, said Morten Soendergaard, Program Director of Banedanmark

The on-board ERTMS contract signed between Alstom and Banedanmark is part of a €2.4 billion programme decided by the Danish Parliament in January 2009 to renew the complete Danish Railways signalling by 2021.


  1. European Rail Traffic Management System
  2. Network composed of over 510 km long double tracks and over 260 km single track line and 90 stations
  3. European Train Control System

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