Number of Aeroexpress passengers in 2012 reaches 17.4 million

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More than 17.4 million passengers travelled on Aeroexpress trains in 2012, including the Moscow, Sochi, and Vladivostok routes…

More than 17.4 million passengers travelled on Aeroexpress trains in 2012, including the Moscow, Sochi, and Vladivostok routes, as well as the commuter route to the town of Lobnya.

A total of 14.9 million passengers were transported to Moscow airports, representing a 20.4% increase from last year. In 2012, the highest growth was seen for the route between Paveletsky Rail Terminal and Moscow Domodedovo Airport, with the number of passengers reaching 7 million people, an increase of 17.3% compared to 2011. The company’s share for passengers carried on this route increased by 1.74%, totalling 25.2%. 5.7 million passengers have travelled on Aeroexpress trains to Sheremetyevo International Airport, exceeding last year’s result by 24.4%. According to statistics for the entire twelve months of 2012, Aeroexpress trains’ total share on the Sheremetyevo route accounted for 21.9%, which is 1.40% higher compared to 2011. Also, passenger traffic has grown on the Kievsky Rail Terminal – Vnukovo Airport route, increasing by 20.2% compared to last year. The number of passengers carried on this route totalled 2.1 million with Vnukovo Aeroexpress trains’ share for the year amounting to 21.9% – a 0.28% increase over last year’s result.

In 2012, the Aeroexpress company became a federal level carrier by launching intermodal services in Sochi and Vladivostok. Transportation between the city and the airport in the capital of the 2014 Olympic Games follows with one intermediate stop at Adler. The aggregate amount of traffic on this site totals 10 runs per day. In the period since it went into operation (from 15 February to 31 December 2012), the number of Sochi Aeroexpress train passengers has exceeded 143,000 people, 60% of whom are commuters.

The operation of Aeroexpress trains in Vladivostok was launched on July 20, 2012. Trains on the Vladivostok – Vladivostok International Airport route run with three stops en route at Artem, Vtoraya Rechka, and Ugolnaya. From the time that the intermodal line was put into service until the end of the year, Aeroexpress trains’ passenger traffic in Vladivostok reached nearly 210,000 people, 75% of whom are commuters. In the month of December 2012 alone, more than 53,000 people travelled on Aeroexpress in Vladivostok. Since January 2013, the number of runs in the Primorye region increased to twenty runs per day.

As for the Savyolovsky Rail Terminal – Dolgoprudny – Lobnya commuter route, the volume of passenger traffic for the twelve months of 2012 amounted to 2.17 million passengers, which is 28.8% higher than the corresponding indicator from the previous year.

“Aeroexpress’ share on the intermodal passenger market of the Moscow Air Cluster grew by 1.34% for the year 2012, totalling 23.37%,” Alexey Krivoruchko, CEO of Aeroexpress commented on last year’s results. “Our company is constantly working to improve the quality of passenger services and to introduce the most advanced technologies in the development of rail transportation. Also, we implement all quality standards, which have been adopted in Moscow, in the regions as well.”

Nowadays, Aeroexpress presents an opportunity to reach your destination on time while enjoying heightened comfort of its rolling stock and ease in purchasing tickets.

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