Siemens and Swiss Federal Railways establish partnership in control systems field

Posted: 27 August 2013 | | No comments yet

Siemens and SBB have concluded a cooperation agreement…


Siemens and SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) have concluded a cooperation agreement relating to the automation and centralization of rail traffic control in Switzerland. In this connection, Siemens will continue the development of the Iltis control and information system, which permits the largely automated operational handling of rail traffic. The contract will run until the end of 2025, and will encompass goods and services worth some 260 million euros.

The Iltis control system has been in service in Switzerland for some fifteen years now, ensuring the safe, convenient and economical handling of rail traffic. Iltis controls and monitors train operations in their entirety. This includes the remote control for interlocking and the monitoring of operations at stations. Until now, control has been carried out from more than 25 regional locations. In the next few years these activities will be brought together in four operations centers in Lausanne, Olten, Zurich Airport and Pollegio. Concentrating these facilities is intended to improve communication and coordination in the event of disruption, so that corrective measures can be more rapidly coordinated and the provision of travel information speeded up.

Within the framework of the collaboration, Siemens will be handling the necessary modifications to facilities, and the further development of the system. In concluding the partnership contract, Siemens and the SBB have laid the foundations for continuous productivity improvements in the rail traffic sector.