CrossCountry welcomes ‘Advance on the day’ trial

Posted: 10 October 2013 | | No comments yet

This initiative will see CrossCountry introduce across all its longer distance routes the opportunity for passengers to buy discounted tickets…

CrossCountry, part of leading transport group Arriva, has welcomed the Department for Transport’s announcement that the train company will lead a trial which will see Advance train tickets for sale on the day of travel.

This initiative, which was part of the Department for Transport’s Rail Fares and Ticketing Review, will see CrossCountry introduce across all its longer distance routes the opportunity for passengers to buy discounted ‘Advance’ tickets as close as 10 minutes before their train departs.

Starting 13 October 2013, the trial has been made possible through CrossCountry’s introduction of ground-breaking technology to the British rail industry representing some £1 million investment in technology by the train company.

Using its website and Train Tickets App for mobile phones, discounted ‘Advance’ tickets, currently only for sale until the day before travel, will be available for longer, offering passengers more opportunities to make savings on their rail travel.

This innovative and unique solution is an expansion of CrossCountry’s existing industry-leading initiative which offers passengers the option to reserve a seat up to 10 minutes before a train departure anywhere on a CrossCountry journey.

CrossCountry will work with the Department for Transport and industry watchdog Passenger Focus to demonstrate the benefits to customers of expanding this pioneering ‘Advance on the Day’ concept, and with the wider rail industry on its potential adoption by other train operators.

Andy Cooper, CrossCountry’s managing director, said: “Advance on the day is great news for our customers.

“Previously we had only been able to offer the full fare on the day, even on trains where we knew there were spare seats and wanted to encourage people to travel. Being able to offer these cheaper fares right up to the train’s departure anywhere on our longer distance journeys will help customers during these difficult economic times, and help the industry by ensuring that all available seats can be offered at the best price possible.”

Steve Murphy, Arriva UK Trains’ chief operating officer, said: “Across Arriva our businesses constantly look for innovative ways to improve the quality and value of the services we provide. This trial is excellent news and an example of how, working with industry partners, we can bring real improvements for rail passengers.”