CEO launches new range of PPE in a bid to improve safety for the railway industry in the UK

Posted: 13 November 2013 | | No comments yet

Good news for railway workers as PPE reaches new heights…

Fhoss Technology

Fhoss Technology, a leading supplier in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), today announces the launch of its full range of high visibility garments for the railway industry in a bid to keep workers safe.

Fhoss Technology

CEO Andy Kimitri wearing the Fhoss garments

Based in Weston-super-Mare, the company has designed, manufactured and patented the next generation in PPE, which lights up even in areas of total darkness.

Unlike standard PPE, which only works by reflecting off an additional light source, Fhoss works through the presence of a battery operated electroluminescent core, which actively emits light. This means that the tape illuminates even when no ambient light is available.

Fhoss, which takes its name from the Greek saying, ‘Where there is light, there is life’, was the brainchild of company CEO Andy Kimitri who saw a need to progress the standard PPE which has remained unchanged for over 50 years.

Kimitri, CEO of Fhoss International, comments: “Safety sits at the forefront of our agenda. While traditional PPE works well with the presence of ambient light, it is of no use in darkness or in bad weather conditions. Fhoss represents a big step forward in the PPE market as a whole, as it means that railway workers can be seen at all times and in all conditions. By introducing Fhoss to the PPE arena, we pledge to help bring about a change in culture for the way in which railway companies protect their workers. We believe strongly that our technology has the capability to save lives.

“With nights closing in and the time between dawn and dusk extending, there is a greater need for railway workers to be protected. By spreading the word of Fhoss, we hope that workers will be seen more easily, as a result, fewer accidents will occur.”

Fhoss equipment, which is made in the UK and the Far East, is compliant with all PPE industry regulations (including EN471 and GO/RT3279) and is fully recyclable.

The garments are certified for over 25 washes, will operate for up to 20,000 hours and can be charged over 500 times.

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