EIM on track to further enlarge and strengthen the cooperation amongst rail infrastructure managers in Europe

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EIM’s members have adopted a reform of the association’s statutes…

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EIM’s members have today adopted a reform of the association’s statutes to allow all rail infrastructure managers to join EIM, independent of their organisational structure, ownership and size. This gives the opportunity for national, non-national, public and/or private infrastructure managers to be part of EIM.

By the same token, members of EIM have endorsed the European Commission’s proposal to establish a European Platform of Rail Infrastructure Managers in the presence of EC Director-General Matthias Ruete. This initiative was launched on 16 October 2013 by key European Infrastructure Managers in cooperation with the European Commission. The kick-off meeting marking the official start of the cooperation will take place in early 2014. The overall goal of the platform is to work together to improve and benchmark the performance of rail infrastructure across Europe.

EIM President Gunnar Malm said: “I am very pleased about the commitment of EIM’s members to further develop and strengthen EIM to make it the voice of rail infrastructure managers in Europe. We share the common belief that all rail infrastructure managers should collaborate more closely together and share benchmarking and best practice to deliver safe, sustainable, high-performing and value-generating rail transport across Europe. One of the means to achieve this is stronger, more institutionalised cooperation via the platform with the European Commission, which is open to all rail infrastructure managers in Europe.”

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