Kapsch CarrierCom at InnoTrans 2014

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New solutions and products for railway and urban public transport operators…

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From the 23rd to the 26th September 2014 Kapsch CarrierCom will be present at InnoTrans in Berlin, the largest railway and public transport industry fair worldwide, where Kapsch will show the full end-to-end solution portfolio for both fields. In the railway segment a special focus will be put on the refreshed GSM-R product portfolio ranging from the railway-dedicated Base Transceiver Station (BTS-R) to interference-proof cab radios and Converged OAM (Operation, Administration and Maintenance) – a new cloud based network management designed for railways. The public transport business division will show Multi-modal Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) solutions, a special focus will be the Intermodal Transport Control System and Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) solution. Also, the TETRA based communication solutions for urban public transport and various use cases on energy efficiency measures in public transport networks will be presented.

“We put a strong focus on R&D to improve our products and solutions portfolio and to ensure that we will maintain our leading market position in the railway business segment and enlarge our presence in the public transport segment. We now can proudly present the fruits of our recent efforts at this important fair,” says Dr. Kari Kapsch, CEO of Kapsch CarrierCom. This year the Kapsch experts will present the portfolio to the professional audience at four dedicated information points at the booth. Furthermore, through the initiative of Kapsch the first ERTMS Exchange Forum will take place during the InnoTrans. The target of this forum, where Kari Kapsch will hold a keynote as the representative of the GSM-R Industry Group, is to call out for a closer collaboration between the GSM-R and the signaling industry to meet the steadily increasing requirements for ERTMS together in the most effective way.

Railway solutions

The Kapsch fair program for railway solutions contains a broad range of topics: The BTS-R (Base Transceiver Station – Railways) is a small and very efficient ERTMS-grade base station designed for railways. Converged OAM is a new resourceful and resilient cloud network management solution for railway communications. In addition, the improved, feature-rich, flexible and interference-proof cab radios RC900 and RD900 will be shown at the fair, and experts are ready to discuss the hot topics of GSM-R security and the progress made in the standardization of ETCS Level 2 over GPRS.

At InnoTrans, Kari Kapsch and Michel Clement, Vice-President Railways Global, will be available to talk about the recent GSM-R project wins in Europe and the R&D and standardization efforts that have led to the refreshed product portfolio designed specifically for railways.

Public transport solutions

Since July 2014, Prodata Mobility Systems is a member of the Kapsch Group. With this acquisition, Kapsch CarrierCom extends its portfolio towards ITCS and AFC in public transport. At InnoTrans, Kari Kapsch and Franky Carbonez, CEO Prodata Mobility Systems, will talk about the recent acquisition and future plans for the public transport segment.

For urban public transport operators, Kapsch will present the multi-modal Automatic Fare Collection system (AFC) which is based on an open e-ticketing platform and its Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) platform which ensures more transparency, punctuality and efficiency for public transport. The mission-critical end-to-end telecoms solution tetrawave and the Wagon Monitoring Solution, a simple and clever approach for real-time fleet monitoring as well as the unique machine network solution for lightrail vehicles, which has been validated in a successful pilot project in Linz will be showcased as well.

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