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Hallandsås tunnel project



Constructing the complicated Hallandsås Tunnel

18 September 2014 | By Ulf Angberg – Communications Manager for the Hallandsås Project at Trafikverket

Following many years of troublesome construction work, both rail tunnels through the Hallandsås Ridge in Southern Sweden were completed ain 2013. Initiated back in 1992, the construction project has generated more headlines in the Swedish media than any other. Ulf Angberg – Communications Manager for the Hallandsås Project at the…


Tunnel construction through the Hallandsås Ridge – a world-class project

26 September 2009 | By Per Rydberg, Project Manager for the Hallandsås Ridge tunnel, Banverket

Construction of a tunnel through the Hallandsås Ridge in southwest Sweden has given rise to many emotions over the years and the project has suffered several setbacks. Yet because of, or perhaps thanks to, its history, the tunnel is now one of Sweden's most well-planned construction projects. Today, the project…


Banverket seeks investment to cope with growth

27 September 2008 | By James Abbott, Technical Editor

With traffic increasing steadily, Banverket is seeking more money to finance new lines, adding extra capacity and improving maintenance in the Swedish rail system. Over the past decade, rail traffic growth in Sweden has been impressive. Passenger loadings are up by almost three quarters, while freight traffic has grown by…


Higher railway investment level can help reverse climate change

26 September 2007 | By Katarina Norén, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Banverket

Railway infrastructure investments in Sweden are presently substantially higher compared with preceding planning periods. Reversing climate change while maintaining continued economic growth are political priorities and an expanded railway system can help fulfil both these objectives.