Q&A with Jorge Rodríguez Julián, MainRail: optimising rail infrastructure maintenance

Posted: 18 October 2022 | , | 1 comment

In this video interview taken at InnoTrans 2022, MainRail’s CEO, Jorge Rodríguez Julián, explains how big data analysis can help infrastructure managers take control of their maintenance activities.

MainRail is a high-tech start-up devoted to providing IT-based solutions to help optimise infrastructure maintenance operations. With more than 25 years of experience in the railway sector, MainRail combines its expertise in a wide range of technologies – such as big data analysis and visualisation, IoT, machine learning, etc. – with solid knowledge in railway maintenance and operations.

In this video with Global Railway Review, MainRail‘s CEO, Jorge Rodríguez Julián, explains how their digital and innovative products and solutions can help infrastructure managers improve the quality and capacity of their networks and services.

Watch the video above or on the Global Railway Review YouTube channel link now.

One response to “Q&A with Jorge Rodríguez Julián, MainRail: optimising rail infrastructure maintenance”

  1. Regardless if maintenance is “optimal”, an old standard that now calls for frequent and costly maintenance activities along track, is not optimal!
    All other modes, by air, etc., upgrade for added load – and for lower costs!
    At current standard single option for added load at railways is longer trains. This is not optimal!
    A shift is needed to a safely calculable track standard, a timely, that safely is designed for todays speed and traffic and with redundancy, thus with margins, sustainably allowing future upgrading, for added load, etc.

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