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Brochure: Dynamic timetabling for rail infrastructure owners

Posted: 24 October 2016 | Quintiq | No comments yet

In this brochure, discover how dynamic timetabling can help optimize network capacity and allows for better customer service.

Increasing customer demands and service expectations are driving the need for improvements in transport services.

As an infrastructure owner, you need to make sure your tracks are as available as possible to the operators, whether rail or freight. Disruptions due to not-ontime maintenance or poor planning on the part of the operators bring about serious consequences to the level of service they are delivering to the customers.

When disruptions happen, you need to be able to re-plan the services of the operators so that minimal harm is done. To do that, you need real-time insights into the consequences of disruptions to services from all the operators running on your track so that you are able to better support them in re-planning their crew and rolling stock on day-of-operations. Quick detection and response to service disruptions followed by clear communication about the impact and the new plan to the other operators affected is key.

However, because business processes, practices and tools used by many infrastructure owners for day-of-operations monitoring and control are often not fully integrated, they are unable to provide these levels of visibility. If this is where you are, there is room for improvement.

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