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Whitepaper: From feasible to profitable planning – Learn how the world’s leading rail infrastructure contractors are turning planning into a profit engine

Posted: 27 October 2016 | | No comments yet

Feasibility shouldn’t be the only yardstick of a successful rail plan. Rail infrastructure companies must align every element of their planning to shift from merely feasible plans to profitable plans.

That’s easier said than done. Companies either don’t have the time to ensure profitable decisions or lack the decision support to do so.

How do you maximise your resources? How do you ensure your plan gives you the best returns possible? The world’s leading rail infrastructure contractors have found a way – by identifying seven key issues and solving them through a single, integrated planning solution.

“Quintiq’s tailored solution is a cut above our current systems. It supports an integral planning process affecting all of our divisions – from project tender and work preparation units to planning departments of personnel and machines. The solution will enable better project management and more effective use of resources.” – Jan Vos, CEO of VolkerRail

Now it’s your turn to benefit from effective, integrated planning. Download your guide to find out how.

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