Developing and delivering aerosol extinguishing systems for the rail sector

Posted: 18 February 2021 | | No comments yet

Paul van Trigt, CEO of Aero-X AG, explains the importance of aerosol extinguishing systems for the rail sector, and how the company can offer customised solutions to meet different requirements.

How does Aero-X® support the rail industry in optimising passenger safety and minimising service disruption?

Optimising passenger safety and minimising service disruptions can be achieved by increasing the onboard safety and reliability and availability of rolling stock, as well as rail infrastructure.

Aero-X® has over 20 years of experience in developing, engineering, supplying and maintaining customised fire protection solutions for a vast range of markets and applications. The advantage of being active in these markets is that the experience, gained in all these different markets and applications individually, flows in the concept, design and services of the others.

All Aero-X® fire extinguishing systems are based on the Stat-X® aerosol fire suppression technology. We are the European master distributor of this technology. Stat-X® aerosol fire suppression technology advantages include high quality, long lifecycle, high modularity, high efficiency and effectiveness, environmentally friendly, harmless to human beings, and an excellent price/performance ratio. We can design customised solutions for our customers according to their specific needs and requirements.

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